Reinebringen pass

hiking to Reinebringen (Lofoten Islands - Norway)This short climb leads to a narrow pass where there is a breathtaking panoramic view over the village and fjord of Reine.
Take the old road, which has since become a cycle lane and which avoids the tunnel south of Reine. The starting point of the track lies to your right at point N67 55.381 E13 04.745 (roughly 200m after the old road coming from Reine). The track begins in a wooded area before quickly reaching the south slope of Mount Reinebringen.

The track then begins to climb a very steep slope and crosses ravines and slippery spots that can be dangerous if the ground is wet or if you stick too closely together (risk of falling rocks).
After a climb which is so steep that you will probably be head down most of the way, you suddenly reach a pass overlooking a sheer drop with the village and fjord of Reine below. The view is simply breathtaking!
From the peak you can take the track on your left to the small peak 150m away where view is more open.

WARNING we strongly advise you not to continue any further along these peaks westwards. In recent years some hikers have taken the risk and never returned!

GPS points
*(Position: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm'
Geodetic system: WGS 84)

Departure/Arrival: N67 55.381 E13 04.745

Summit : lon: N67 55.669 E13 04.472

Small summit to the left of the pass : N67 55.672 E13 04.284

 View from Reinebringen pass (Lofoten Islands)
Location Island of Moskenesøya
Level of difficulty Medium to difficult
Duration 1 h
Distance 2 km
Departur/Arrival You can park in the car park at the entrance to Reine at the junction with the E10 and walk along the road (on the left) to the cycle lane which avoids the tunnel. There is also a large area where you can park 500m after the tunnel, to the left of the E10 road, in which case you have to walk back along the E10 (on your right) to reach the cycle lane.
Maximum altitude 500m  Village of Reine view from Reinebringen (Lofoten Islands)
Uphill 460m (roughly)
Type of hike Round trip
Track visibility Good
Risk of snow Until May (at the summit)
Map Turkart 1 :50 000 – Vest – Lofoten (UGLAND IT GROUP)

2 km, 00:00:12

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