Hiking to Brunakseltinden (513m)

Vinstad - BrunakseltindenFrom the village of Vinstad, which can only be reached by boat, walk the length of the fjord along the village’s only street. At the end of the fjord take the trail on your left towards the Einangen pass.

From the pass take the trail on your right which climbs the right-hand side of the valley towards the pass between the peaks of Brunakseltinden (513m) and Kammen (514m). At the pass, take the ridge on your left that climbs towards Brunakseltinden peak.

Even though it is possible to hike from Brunakseltinden peak (513m) along the ridge to Helvetestinden peak (602m), which is the highest peak of the mountain, we would advise against it as the route is dangerous towards the end and leaves no room for error.
Go back the way you came but we would recommend a detour via the beautiful Bunes beach which you can get to from the Einangen pass.


 GPS Points
*(Format: Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm'
Geodesic System : WGS 84)

 Start/finish : N67 57.477 E13 00.229

 Brunakseltinden Hike
Situation Moskenesøya Island
Difficulty Moderate
Duration 3hrs
Distance 7.9 km
Departure/Arrival Leave from the main wharf (landing stage) in Vinstad
Maximum altitude 513 m  Summit of Brunakseltinden
Climb 600m (approx.)
Type of hike Back and forth
Visibility of the route Good
Risk of snow Until end of Mai (at the top)
Other info  -
Map Turkart 1 :50 000 – Vest-lofoten (UGLAND IT GROUP)

8 km, 00:00:00

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